[Paper Pineapple]

Hey! I made this 3D paper pineapple recently as a giveaway to one lucky student in my paper art class at The School. It’s not your typical pineapple – obviously because it’s made from paper, but also because of it’s form – my love for the geometric continues. Congrats to the lovely Natalie who won the pine on the day… enjoy! x

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sophie stell - you should post instructions for this! i’d love to see how you did it!

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Kate - I love this! Would you consider making a tutorial?

Heather - Is there a ‘how to’ for this pineapple?!

Marsha Golemac - No how to for this one – but thank you for your interest nonetheless :)

Marsha Golemac - This took me sooooo long to make so I don’t think I could do a tutorial plus I have to keep some secrets to myself you see :) thank you for the love though! x

Jenna - Would you ever sell one? I love this!!!

Natalie Fee - Marsha, I am sooo in love with your/mine pineapple, im just perving on it now as im writing this, it brings such joy! Thankyou again!

Seriously the BESTEST thing I have ever won!

Love Nat x

Marsha Golemac - So glad you’re still loving it! xx

Marsha Golemac - Yes I would however it would be long wait I’m afraid. They take a long time to make :) So glad you love it!

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