Future Inheritance

20 Speculative Objects for
a Time to Come

Presented as part of Melbourne Design Week 2021, this exhibition showcases the work of 20 multi-disciplinary artists and designers, invited to consider how, and why, objects carry meaning and, in doing so, create one such item to leave behind for the next generation. The exhibition explores notions of connection through the power and significance of objects, and the stories they carry, from one generation to the next. If we were to leave an object behind – what would it look like and what is the significance of that object; emotional, historical or otherwise?

Graphic design: Studio Hi Ho

Installation view: 'Probart sink' Catherine Jones, 2021
Installation view: 'Demeter' Fatemeh Boroujeni, 2021
Installation view: 'Worship Me' Nicholas Smith, 2021
Installation view: 'Azbuka rug' Jacqueline Stojanovic, 2021
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